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Richard and Michelle�s wedding

Well its been a month since we got back to England and now we have had chance to reflect on the week in Crete ,its time to review the experience and tell anyone who is contemplating getting married in Crete and especially with Rula at Kokalas resort.

We decided on Crete because the people are so nice and the island especially around Chania is so Beautiful as well as the weather being a bit better than England!
And the fact that it is reasonably easy to get married legally on the island.

We had met through the Internet a British wedding planner and duly came to Crete to meet with them to arrange our marriage, however on arrival and a brief meeting left us feeling disappointed and felt that we were back in England having to deal with over priced services and a feeling of being just another marriage and pushed into a ceremony and location of the planners choice not ours, and as it was our big day we felt a little cheated as the web site promised lots and the reality was somewhat different !

Now we had booked Kokalas Resort through a last minute deal and were pleasantly surprised with the quality and friendliness of Rula and Nicos and of course the lovely Slajana but it was just a place to stay while we looked at venues and tried to arrange our marriage. However this was all about to change in a big way, after our disastrous meeting with our wedding planner we returned to sit in the bar at Kokalas and were both feeling upset and despondent and had pretty much decided to return to the UK and leave Crete and our dream wedding there and have to try to achieve what we wanted back home, however Rula had other ideas!

We were asked by Rula why we were not looking happy, and of course the subject of our wedding came up, as soon as Rula heard our problems she offered to help us get our dream wedding where we wanted it, in Crete.

The effort that she went to arrange meetings with people, such as the mayor, photographer and florist were unbelievable, and within a few days we had found a perfect venue, booked a florist and photographer and had agreed that Rula was our wedding planner in Crete and that we were to let her help in the arrangements for our wedding the following year.

Well 100s of emails and 100s of ideas went backwards and forwards over the winter and the time and effort that Rula put in were beyond anything we would of imagined, it looked good on paper and the day was planned to perfection but the reality was that everything Rula said she would do was done and more and although the difficult job of communicating via email and phone and arranging 40 guests apartments at Kokalas for our family and friends and trying to visualise our perfect day was a real challenge ,Rula was 100% dedicated to making our day perfect.

So we arrived in Crete to be greeted by Raki and a coach and the friendliest special welcome we could wish for, Rulas planning and dedication paid off as our big day went perfectly, the local people who helped and arranged everything for us made us feel so welcome and part of the village that we were Cretans for a week and the wedding felt special because of it.

The lake ( Kournas) was fantastic and the venue by the lake was so special it made us all cry and again it went without a hitch. Paperwork is difficult in any country and this was where I felt we may fall over, however Rula had done her homework and this all went as it should and every government department was aware and ready for us to get married which was so great and made us relax and enjoy our week.

We decided to have our reception at Kokalas and again Rula and Nicos made the effort to ensure we had the perfect day, from spit BBQd lamb to great Cretan Dancing and music it was such a special day that we will never forget the real passion and effort that the whole team at Kokalas put in to make our day special.

I have written this as honestly as I can and realise that anyone making a desision about where and who arranges their wedding is a huge decision. However we feel that Rula made our day so special and really cared for our happiness that this review is as accurate and without a doubt we could not recommend choosing Rula to arrange your special day

I have even added my email address if you have any questions as i am so happy with our wedding and Rulas involvement that I would happily recommend anyone getting married with Her as your planner.

Richard and Michelle